Summary #1 by Kenna
The book started out with a description of the narrators surroundings. He is living in a cruel insane asylum led by and old nurse who is extremely strict and cruel as well. Three black boys assist her in her acts of wrong-doing. The narrator describes the daily routine and the different groups in the asylum. Near the middle, a new comer named Mr. McMurphy checks into the asylum, but he is rebellious. During a meeting the entire asylum has, he notices how the nurse manipulates the men’s minds to make them feel weak and guilty. He reveals this to Harding and the other men of their group. Harding realizes this as well and refers to him and the others as “rabbits”. Finally, the section ended with Harding and McMurphy making a deal with Mr. McMurphy; he will have sex with the old nurse in order to be able to loosen the reigns she has hold on the asylum and let loose.
*Will the men in the asylum benefit from Mr. McMurphy’s rebellious ways, or will it cause more chaos?